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Lac Luna Social

Lac Luna – Our FIRST European Social!

Arriving at Lac Luna in France on Saturday around midday, all the anglers had a chance to meet each other ready for the walk round… Once we had the go ahead we took a lap of the lake to see if we could see any carp and give everyone a good idea of the swims and what water they commanded.

We then went back to the social area ready for the draw. The draw was watercraft, for those who don’t understand, if you pick ball number 3, your 3rd to chose your swim etc. This was were everyone started getting nervous, but in reality at Lac Luna, you can’t really get a bad draw! All swims usually produce fish throughout the week!

With Lac Luna holding carp to 62lb everyone was looking forward to getting the rods out!

‘Coxy’ kick started the social landing the first fish of the social that evening, landing ‘droopy’ a mega cool scaley carp, and around 20 minutes after James in peg 3 was away, with ‘Stiff Rig’ at 34lb! The night then went by with one more fish landed by Mark in Peg 9… Not a bad way to start a social ay!

This got everyone buzzed for the week, seeing a few fish out on the first night was a great sign.

Later that next morning, Lauren was away with her first fish of the session, ‘The Hustler’, this being part of a double take with one of the gooduns of the lake, ‘Hobnob’ at a spawned out 40lb 12oz! Great times as the lads come round for a group shot!

With the temperatures rising in the days the fishing slowed down, but the beers were on full flow, weren’t they Kev ;)!

Early hours the next day Dan was off the mark! Landing ‘The Engineer’. Lauren shortly after caught a carp that had never been caught before, and had the please of naming it, and there was no better name to suit than ‘The Social’!

‘Coxy’ then had another two carp, ‘Merlot’ being its second ever capture, followed up by ‘Weeman’. Good angling…

With Mr LB being 9th in the draw, he felt he was not on the carp as much as he could have been, so he went for a walk of the lake to see if he could find any other opportunities. He walked into peg 6, a peg that is never fished and see a group of carp, so off he went, back to his swim, grabbed his rods and net, and got set up in there for a few hours. It was only an hour or so later, I got the call to say he had one! Mega angling from James. He caught ‘Flounder’ at 31lb+!

Later on that evening I had a message from James in peg 3 to say he had a carp in the net that looked ‘a lot bigger’… so off we went with the scales, and camera to see what he had…. and for sure it was a really cool carp – ‘Brutus’ at a spawned out 40lb+! One of the sought after carp in the lake, so we was all buzzing to see it on the bank!

The next day ‘Roxy’ decided to push a little further into deeper water to try something new, and it was only 15 minutes and he had his first carp in the net! He of course had to get the iconic Luna tower shot! Lauren then landed ‘The poacher’ that evening!

The Wednesday afternoon, everyone gathered at the social gazebo for a top quality BBQ, Darts, Ping Pong, Beer Pong, drinks, music and a big social!

Lets just say there was smiles all round and everyone had a mega time!

The day after, Peg 3 had another carp known as ‘Swim Shady’ and ‘Roxy’ landed ‘Dereks Mirror’ at a spawned out 44lb 12oz, this carp usually goes around 52lb!

Mr LB decided on another move, from 1 to 6 to 4 as he see a few carp boshing, and I’m sure he was glad he did! He landed a proper cool original known as ‘Spike’ this being the 2nd of his session, he then went on to land ‘Otto’ and ‘Squid Squad’ – Great angling all week!

Alan who struggled all week decided to fish further and pushed his boundaries as much as he could, and then landed ‘The Rudder’ and ‘2 Nude’ – two mega carp!

What happened the next day was insane! After watching an epic boat battle for around 20 minutes with Dan, I knew he had hooked into one of the real bigguns of the lake… and when we heard him cheer when it was in the net it confirmed it. We shot round with the camera to take a look and instantly recognised it as ‘Jesus’ which its top weight is 49lb, but after spawning we expected it to drop quite a lot. However, what happened next was a shock to us all! We weighed it, and the needle span round to 51lb+, a new 50 for Lac Luna and a new top weight! This topped of everyones week to see this! Dan, mega angling mate.

We finished the social with a few trophies, biggest fish going to Dan with a 51lb+ carp, and most fish to James in peg 3!


We’d like to say a huge thank you to Lac Luna for allowing us to hold our first European social at your venue!

Review from Kevin B

“Great time on the Lac Luna social with Lauren. Well organised. Roy is great behind the lens and the food from Phil was outstanding!”

Review from Dan H

“Top week on the Lac Luna social highly recommend!

Review from James B

“Had a great week, the fishing, food, and hospitality was great. Highly recommend”


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Feedback from Our Socials

5 Stars

Attended a couple of socials now with my Daughter. They provide the opportunity to fish some amazing venues with friendly, like minded people. Professionally run events catering for a wide range of ages and abilities. Great food and always a great atmosphere. Would highly recommend - 5 star.

Keenan Pedley

5 Stars

I have attended a number of the ladies socials, they are always impeccably organised, food has been mega when supplied as part of the package and atmosphere is always buzzing. Highly recommend for all no matter your age or experience level. Super supportive environment. Great vibes. Made some friends for life from all over the country. Another one soon please!

Chloe Tooth

5 Stars

From the outset Lauren was welcoming and informative. Keeping us updated on lake conditions and tactics prior to attending. She kept us up to date with advice and importantly directions to the lake on the day. In short Lauren and the team went above and beyond to ensure our experience was the bay it could be. The BBQ food cooked by Dom was great making the social events even better. Roy was on hand to assist with the boat and also give advice.
Lauren is An unassuming, formidable Angler and outstanding host. Looking forward to meeting again next year!

Wayne Field

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